Adding Profits with Optaflexx

adding_profits_with_optaflexx_8-29-16Optaflexx is a beta-agonist that alters muscle production in the final 28-42 days the finishing process of market cattle. After the steer or heifer fully develops its muscle capacity, the animal will start producing fat. This normal growth cycle results in poor efficiency and lower weight gain. When Optaflexx is added to the ration, it repartitions the nutrients for fat deposition into protein synthesis. The added extension of the growth cycle increases live weight, carcass weight, ribeye area, and maintains quality grade.

The main challenge of using Optaflexx in feedlots in Pennsylvania is the need to sort the cattle prior to marketing. The ability to have an open pen for the final stage is the most common problem I encounter and is the most crucial. Optaflexx is labeled for use in the final 28-42 days of finishing and the maximum return of investment is 28-35 days prior to finishing. If there is inability to separate the cattle, I have found feeding the Optaflexx to the last group of cattle to be marketed having positive benefits in growth and appearance of the steers. After implanting and Rumensin, Optaflexx is the next most proven product to increase ROI for cattle feeders.

by Adam Zurin, Agri-Basics, Inc., Nutritionist