Agri-Basics, Inc. Dairy Meeting 2016

Please join use on December 8th, 2016 for the annual Agri-Baiscs, Inc. Dairy Producer’s Meeting. This year’s event will be held at Yoder’s Restaurant on Route 23 in New Holland, PA. We will start off the day with Dr. Charlie Gardner and hearing how we can “Stay Positive in Time of Tight Margins.” This presentation will be focused around how forages count in both good and bad times, but can make or break you during periods of financial challenge. It is important to make crops a priority no matter what the market looks like ahead. If you practice this, you will be in a much better seat when low markets with tight margins arrive.

Have you heard of the Veterinary Feed Directive? Are you wondering what it is and how it will affect you? More importantly, why is this happening? Our next speaker, Dr. Andrew Holloway from Elanco will speak on “What Does V.F.D. Mean to Me?” This topic will discuss the upcoming Veterinary Feed Directive and why is it being put into effect. He will also discuss what this means to the producer and the nutritionist and how protocols will be handled. Both speaker’s will leave plenty of time for questions on both topics.

The meeting will begin with registration at 8:30 AM. Following with a welcome at 9:30 AM and the beginning of presentations at 9:45 AM. Please see your Agri-Basics, Inc. nutritionist or call into the Agri-Basics, Inc. office at 717-361-9266 for a flyer and registration slip. We ask that all RSVPs be returned by December 1st, 2016. We hope you all have a great fall and we’ll see you at the winter producer meeting!