Business Opportunity

Why your own independent business with Agri-Basics Inc.?
Agri-Basics, Inc. is a winning team of independent business people that own and operate their own successful, rewarding business. Our team consists of industry leading consultants and innovators that establish long-term, teamwork relationships with their customers.
Satisfied Customers
Quality Services & Products
Proven System to Deliver Value
Rewarding and Exciting

We have opportunities within Pennsylvania and its surrounding states.  Learn more

*No start-up fee.
*High rate of return.
*Free ration balancing software.
*Logistics, training, marketing and tech support.
*Continuing education fund.

Step 1- Submit an email request for consideration, along with a resume that contains your background and experience, and why an Agri-Basics, Inc. business appeals to you. (Link to info@email)
Step 2-Initial call with Agri-Basics,  Coordinator of Sales & Marketing.
Step 3-Interview with General Manager, and Agri-Basics Board Members.
Step 4- Additional information such as financial statements and business plan.
Step 5- Final agreements and execution of the business plan.

Frequently Asked Questions
•    How much does an Agri-Basics, Inc. business cost? There are no direct fees charged to obtain and start.
•    If this is to be an independent business, why do I need Agri-Basics, Inc.? Think of this business opportunity for example similar to a Pizza Franchise. Agri-Basics sources the ingredients, and supports the logistics, to get you the products needed for rations like you would need to make a pizza. Your business would create the recipe and your customers are yours, not Agri-Basics. Agri-Basics is there to help to get everything done that will make you and your customer successful.
•    What resources will be needed to start? A sound financial history, along with a minimum of $50,000 line of credit. Depending on geographic location, a small warehouse with dock for deliveries. A delivery vehicle or a hired delivery person.
•    What training is available? Technical, sales, and business training is available.
•    What skills do I need to consider an Agri-Basics business? Good people skills, strong work ethic and math skills. Ability and history of managing personal finances, passion to be successful, and desire to see your customers succeed.
•    Are there any other ways to get started with an Agri-Basics business? Yes, there is no cookie cutter plan to getting started. We would sit down and discuss how to begin. Sometimes it makes sense to start as an employee for a period of time while business is established.