Circle December 11 For Annual Meeting

dec11Hear the latest on dairy nutrition and calf feeding at the Agri-Basics annual Dairy Producer Meeting. Agri- Basics invites everyone in its family of customers to our all-day seminar starting at 9 a.m. on December 11 at Yoder’s Restaurant in New Holland, PA.

This year’s speakers include Dr. Robert B. Corbett, D.V.M., PAS, who will talk about “Nutrition’s Impact on Immunity” and outline “Strategies for Intensive Heifer Raising”. Joining him will be Rob Costello, tech service specialist for Milk Specialties, who will outline “Seasonal Adjustments to Calf Feeding” and take a look at “Alternative Proteins for Calves”.

Dr. Corbett’s major areas of interest are dairy replacement heifer programs, with emphasis on management and nutrition to maximize the normal genetic potential for growth, health and production of dairy heifers; and transition management and nutrition. He is currently consulting in North America, Mexico, Central, South America, Australia and China in various types of environments, including pasture-based dairy operations as well as total confinement systems.

Rob has spent his lifetime in the calf consulting business, and is the founder and author of “Calf Sessions”. http://

Contact your Agri-Basics nutritionist right away for your invitation to the event.