Fall Associates Meeting: What We Can Bring to You, the Customer

adobestock_58226495With the new year quickly approaching the Agri-Basics, Inc. associates sat down to hear about changes for the year to come along with old technologies that hold potential for farms.

Dr. Bobbi Bailey, the Beef Specialist from MarSyt, Inc. was the first to present to the group. Throughout this summer and fall she has been attending large conferences across the country and was asked to discuss what some of the important topics were at ADSA and the Cornell Nutrition Conference. The biggest topics that she presented on were the gut microbiome, “omics” technologies, fatty acids, and amino acids. A key point was how fatty acids are getting more attention now and current studies have shown dramatic increases in pregnancy to service percentage with the help of feeding dietary fat. The meeting then changed to some beef studies that Dr. Bailey has done with both Hilyses and Pro-fit AA. Two Pro-fit AA studies showed, in beef cattle there can be more weight gained with even less feed consumption. The amino acids in the Pro-Fit AA allow for more nutrients to be absorbed from less feed. The Hilyses trial consisted of two groups of 126 calves. At the end of the trial there was a 0.33 greater ADG for the calves fed Hilyses over the ones that were not. At the conclusion of the beef talks, Jim Hogue brought up different points about natural fed beef and the products we have to offer for these customers.

adobestock_39713544The Milk Specialties Global speaker was next and this was Dr. Bob Ceglowski, a vet from New York State, who has a lot of experience in acidified milk and acidified milk replacer systems for calves. Most of his work has shown that calves are able to drink more on an accelerated milk program while not showing scours like a calf would normally get from the high volume of milk. Most of Dr. Ceglowski’s work has been with group housing but, there are systems available that make an accelerated program possible for individually house calves.

After the end of Dr. Bob’s presentation, the business portion of the meeting started and Veterinary Feed Directive information was discussed. The associates talked about how they will be dealing with medicated feed after the first of the year. Wrapping up, Tom Good reminded everyone about the dairy meeting coming up and who the speakers will be. When leaving, the associates were able to talk with each other about the meeting and other parts of their job along with taking literature that was provided to them to hand out to customers.

by Greyson Smith, Management Assistant